Overeating at night is a common complaint from many of my clients dr erfan rahbar reviews who are trying hard to eat healthfully. Often, people tell me they make great choices all day, but after dinner, they just can’t stop snacking.

This is actually a form of emotional eating, because, presuming you’ve eaten a decent dinner, the snacking has nothing to do with physical hunger. Instead, mindlessly munching on a bag of chips or a block of chocolate in front of the TV or computer is a way to “let off steam” after a stressful, busy day at work.

The truth is night snacking is a way of “using” food to relax, to find relief from stress and to experience pleasure. There is nothing wrong with finding pleasure in food, but it is best to treat yourself within the context of a meal and then move on to other activities you enjoy. This way you eat with intention and attention at the dinner table and can avoid unconscious grazing while distracted with the TV.

If you find that night time has become synonymous with unhealthy, non-hunger grazing, consider these tips;

Find something else to do to keep your hands and mind engaged – scrap booking, knitting, and reading, journalist, stretching, squeezing a stress ball or giving yourself a foot massage.
Turn off the television and go for a walk. People tend to eat mindlessly when they watch TV, and they tend to eat what they see in commercials – mostly unhealthy, processed snacks. Take a nice bubble bath and listen to your favorite music instead.